Contingent Faculty Positions

Who are “contingent faculty”? Depending on the institution, they can be known as adjuncts, postdocs, TAs, non-tenure-track faculty, clinical faculty, part-timers, lecturers, instructors, or nonsenate faculty. What they all have in common: they serve in insecure, unsupported positions with little job security and few protections for academic freedom. And they are the vast majority of U.S. faculty today. Something needs to change.

In these videos, our members talk about their experiences with contingency, organizing, and why we must improve compensation and professional support opportunities if we want to maintain a quality higher education system.

  Jeanette Jeneault, Syracuse University

   Marc Bousquet, Santa Clara University

   Marcia Newfield, Borough of Manhattan Community College

The AAUP works for contingent faculty in multiple ways. Our research office compiles data on trends in faculty status. The AAUP’s Committee on Contingent Faculty and the Profession studies issues relating to contingent faculty appointments and works to improve conditions for contingent faculty members and to help all faculty fight the trend towards part-time and non-tenure-track appointments. AAUP staff and members of the committee participate in a number of national and local coalitions on academic workforce issues including Campus Equity Week, the Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor, and theCoalition on the Academic Workforce.

Please take a look at our Resources page for more AAUP reports and activities pertaining to contingent faculty appointments.7

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