AAUP-OR election results

Balloting in our 2016 AAUP-Oregon Executive Committee election has concluded. We would like to congratulate the following new and continuing officers:

  • Treasurer: Bill Harbaugh, University of Oregon
  • VP for Collective Bargaining: Gretchen Soderlund, University of Oregon
  • VP for Communications & Public Relations: Nancy Eichsteadt, Portland State University with 67% of the vote, defeating Chris Sinclair, University of Oregon
  • VP for Membership and Organizing: Jacqueline Arante, PSU retired
  • VP for Political Action: Erna Gelles, Portland State University
  • Advocate for Contingent Faculty: Kathleen Stanley, Oregon State University
  • Advocate for Graduate Students: Anandi van Diepen-Hedayat, PSU Graduate Employees Union

Thank you to everyone who voted! Your nominations committee, Karen Kennedy, PSU Cristina Calhoon, UO Tony Vogt, OSU

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Bunsis Breaks the Black Box Budget

On February 24th at noon in the MU Journey Room, Dr. Howard Bunsis, Professor of Accounting at Eastern Michigan University, analyzed recent OSU budgets to determine whether spending priorities truly reflect the university’s mission and stated values.

You can watch his full presentation below:

You can download the full pdf
with all of the slides here.